North Ringwood Pre School

North Ringwood Pre School

70 Lockhart Road, Ringwood North VIC, Australia

Ringwood North

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We have developed a bush kinder program for both of our 4-5 year old groups. As an extension to our indoor-outdoor program, going 'bush' will give children the opportunity for play at a deeper level, a sense of belonging and time to 'just be'.

The bush kinder program operates offsite for 2-3 hours each week at a local reserve, a short walk from kinder, all year round. Please contact us or visit our website for more information.

TIMETABLE FOR 2020 and 2021

4 YEAR OLD (4-5 year old children)

Red Wattlebirds - 15 hours / week over 2 sessions

Monday 8:15am - 3:45pm

Wednesday 8:15am - 3:45pm (Bush Kinder Program 8:15am - 10:45am)

Eastern Spinebills - 15 hours / week over 3 sessions

Tuesday 8:30am - 12:30pm

Thursday 8:00am - 2:30pm (Bush Kinder Program 8:00am - 10:30am)

Thursday 2:30pm - 4:30pm (Optional extended hours program, additional cost billed per term)

Friday 11:30am - 4:00pm

3 YEAR OLD (3-4 year old children)

King Parrots - 6 hours / week over two sessions

Tuesday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Friday 8:00am - 11:00am

*2021 timetable subject to change

**4 year old group allocation to be sorted by the kinder after enrolment

FEES FOR 2020 and 2021

4 Year Old $460 per term (15 hours/week)

4 Year Old with extended hours option $620 (17 hours/week)

3 Year Old $430 per term (6 hours/week)

*2021 fees subject to change


4 Year Old (4-5yo) Groups:

Acting Red Wattlebirds Teacher & Education Leader: Briony Sawtell

Eastern Spinebills Teacher: Belinda Lyall

Co-educators:  Ellysa Cunningham

3 Year Old (3-4yo) Group:

King Parrots Teacher: Claire Marie Thomas

Co-educator: Lynn


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