Applications for both three and four year old close on June 30th the year before the child commences in the program. This closing date is strictly adhered to. Applications received after this closing date are considered to be late applications and will be placed in order of receipt and actioned after all on time applications are finalised.

Allocation of places is undertaken throughout July by the Central Enrolment Office in accordance with the uniform central enrolment criteria. If after the closing date a kindergarten receives less applications than positions available, then all on time applicants for that kinder will receive an offer. If the kindergarten receives more applications than positions available, then the MIKA criteria is applied.

Letters of offer are sent out by the Central Enrolment Office on 1 August. If a family has applied for a child to attend four year old and one to attend three year old in the same year, and the four year old receives an offer of a place on 1 August, then the three year old will also receive an offer for the same kindergarten.

Letters of offer include information specific to the kindergarten the child will attend. Families are required to pay a deposit to the kindergarten to confirm the child's placement. Details of the deposit and the date by which it must be received will be in the information accompanying the letter of offer. If the deposit is not received by the kindergarten by the date specified then the child's enrolment will be cancelled.

The offer letter may in some instances include details of the session your child has been allocated to however in most instances the allocation of sessions is done by the kindergartens at a later date.